Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cake Decorating Final!

I graduated! But before I could I had to make this final cake. It was supposed to be a wedding cake, but it was like a mini wedding cake. We had to meet certain criteria, and I tried to make that work as much as possible and still have a cute cake. I think it turned out pretty good! It is covered in Italian buttercream, and has fondant and buttercream accents. Here are some pictures:

The tealish stripes are fondant and the flowers on top are made out of gum paste. Gum paste is like fondant but it can dry much harder than fondant. 

I think that having fondant and gum paste accents on a buttercream covered cake is a great alternative to having a cake completely decorated in fondant for a couple of reasons. Reason one, I don't think fondant tastes that great, and yes people can peel it off but buttercream is just so much more delicious. Reason two, I think it is really cute! You can still do everything you would do with a fondant covered cake. Reason three, it is cheaper, I know some people are not concerned with this, but for those of us that would rather pay less, you get a better tasteing cake for cheaper, and it can look just as great! Win Win Win!