Thursday, April 29, 2010

Desert cake = delicious cake!

A few weeks ago we had the assignment to make a dessert cake. The purpose of a dessert cake is to taste amazing. So it is more of a focus on flavor and less of a focus on decoration. We were in pairs  for this project, so my partner and I decided on a marble cake as our base. So we baked our marble cake (white and chocolate swirled together) then we torted it and filled it with this soft creamy cream cheese mousse intermingled with fresh raspberries, then put on the top layer of cake, and covered it in a chocolate Italian butter cream. Now Italian butter cream is a very deceptive frosting. Its texture and taste is very light, and could make you think that it is almost healthy, but I assure you it most definitely is not. The base of Italian butter cream is a meringue (egg whites whipped with sugar) then you slowly add in sugar that has been cooked to 240 degrees with some water, then you add butter, and some more butter, and some more butter. It is delicious, and with the addition of chocolate it is even more amazing!
So with our further adieu, I would like to present to you, THE DESSERT CAKE!

 It is not much to look at, but what it is lacking in fanciness it makes up for in utter scrumptiousness.  I only got one picture and it was with my phone on my camera, ( not our fancy camera we bought ourselves after christmas) but it turned out okay.

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