Thursday, April 29, 2010

Class Cakes: Birthday Cake

During the last month in my cake decorating class we have been doing  different cakes, focusing on different techniques. On this cake we focused on piping, we practiced chocolate writing, drop flowers, and cornelli lace (the squiggly pattern). I had to incorporate all of these techniques into one cake.  Here is a picture of my cake:

 There is a piece cut out of it because my teacher checked every ones layer to make sure the cake and filling was even.  When you are building a cake you bake layers, after they are done you have to level off the round top, then tort (cut the layer in half or thirds, depending on the eight of the layer) the cake. For this cake we baked one layer and torted it once, then filled it with butter cream. I think this cake turned out pretty good, my teacher really liked it. Here are some more pictures:

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  1. Check out those smooth curves! What a woman!